Myrsini xana
Bon Apetit
The Myrsine again writes his own story with a distinct approach in catering giving even greater emphasis to provide you with that choicest at prices always .....
sweet time
The sweetest graphics options here! Warm chocolate souffle, Brownies with walnuts, pecan pie with all sorts of nuts, syrupy ravani crisp waffle with .....
Breeze by the sea
In our summer evenings there are a few standards: walks on the beach, good company and a cocktail to feel the coolness in the season that really needs it.
Another of the things that makes Myrsine so special is the ability it offers to each guest in the space to live freely his own experience ......
  Τι ζηλεύει η Βιέννη από τον Ωρωπό? Το Εξαιρετικά λεπτό, τραγανό, με φίνα γεύση χοιρινο κρέας με το υπέροχο χρυσαφένιο πανάρισμα σνίτσελ που ξεχειλίζει από το πιάτο .


The Myrsine reopened its doors to the beach in Oropo Markopoulos.
  The image aesthetic fitting shop, the friendly and warm service, the professionalism of the service, the product supplied high nutritional value and quality, it actually does something simple yet great, creating satisfied customers.
All stores are accessible for people with disabilities and have changing table for babies.
For you as well that you can not stay even one day without Internet access will find a fast wireless network (WiFi) with free access, which allows you to track topics of interest.